Wellness for mind, body & soul.


AUTUMN MOON HOLISTIC WELLNESS COLLECTIVE is dedicated to mind, body and spirit wellness in our community.

The collective model allows for wellness-focused practitioners to share space, while operating their businesses independently, leveraging each others’ skills to support a variety of wellness needs under one roof.

AUTUMN MOON HOLISTIC WELLNESS COLLECTIVE’S mission of supporting wellness is guided by the following:·     

  • Professional wellness services rooted in integrity, ethics, commitment, skill and love.

  • ·An inclusive environment to all who seek wellness.

  • A supportive, open-minded sanctuary for those in our community.



f ind out more about our practitioners and book an appointment with them at the contact information provided below.

***Services at the Collective are offered by appointment only.***



AUTUMN MOON AESTHETICS Director/Holistic Skin Care Therapist

Camille Leinbach is a Holistic Aesthetician with over 17 years hands-on experience in the skin care and spa industry. She fuses her traditional European and clinical skin care education with various modalities such as Aromatherapy, Folk Herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic Healing and more.

Camille believes in treating skin by addressing client skin concerns with a mind/body/spirit approach, clean, botanically-based treatments and healthy, purposeful living. Camille also crafts handmade botanical cosmetics and carefully curates a boutique selection of clean, botanical beauty and body care in her studio.



SOUL 7 CHAKRA Crystal & Shamanic Healer

Brandi is a Reiki II practioner, full mesa Shaman, trained in Peruvivan traditions by Shaman Joe Pahl. She is also a 4th generation Psychic Medium who has a great passion for crystals and stones. Brandi offers a Crystal Healing Certification program, Beginner Crystal classes and Crystal Psychic Readings. As she was learning the healing properties of crystals and stones, Brandi created Soul 7 Chakra. As she follows her path, she sees it is truly magical, always changing and shifting around us. We are discovering ourselves through Spirit.

Brandi has been studying and teaching for over 10 years. Her great passion, besides crystals, is to help people on their own Spiritual journey. 



CANDID & CLASSY Inner Beauty Cultivator

Want to illuminate your inner SECRET self? Marie is an Inner Beauty Cultivator who is a certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach, Access Consciousness Bars, Reiki One Practitioner and a graduate of the Academy of Art University with an Associate degree in fashion design. Passionate about helping women thrive, Martin has over 20 years' experience in style and intuitive understanding.

My programs and services were developed because of my experience being a woman and a survivor!  I know what it is to come back from the brink of where emotions die. I choose to fight cruelty with beauty and self-acceptance, and I will win every time! I invite you to see what Inner Beauty Cultivation can do for you. I want to help you find your way to your sacred self!



A QUIET SPACE Licensed Massage Therapist/ Reflexologist/Reiki Master

Christine learned Reiki while working in corporate America and from there has slowly shifted from a working to live to the mentality, into the idea that we create our own lives. After graduating from Guardian Massage and Reflexology Program in Sterling Heights, she went on to earn Clarkston’s Best of the Best Massage Therapist in 2017. Christine is passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life, and relief from the pains that show up in our bodies because of that stress. Each person’s stress is unique. Her style is nurturing and holistic. She incorporates essential oils and hot towels into her massages, if you choose. Her skill and intuitive touch help powerfully unwind the unique tension in your body, while helping your mind and spirit deeply rest into the re-set you need.



WISDOM AWAKENS Author/Life & Soul Coach

Crystal is a gifted intuitive mentor and facilitator with a talent for guiding others to become who they truly want to be by connecting them to their Inner Wisdom. She offers a safe and sacred space for women to liberate themselves from the world’s perceptions, follow their spiritual path to connect with their inner wisdom, trust their personal truth and claim their sovereignty. Former Secondary Educator, Certified in Life & Soul Coaching, Certified Melody Crystal Healer, Spiritual Counselor & Healer trained in both Shamanic & Priestess Practices.

Let Crystal use her talents to bring you understanding, growth, and harmony. Together, you can nurture your quest for truth and understanding as it applies to your journey within; a journey she would be honored to accompany you on.



SCHEHR MASSAGE Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda has been a Massage Therapist since 1996 after graduating from Wellspring Institute located in St. Clair Shores, MI. During her 23 years of experience, she has been blessed with a great career. At the start of her career, she worked for a few chiropractors. Shortly after, she found that her true passion was the spa industry. She gained unforgettable knowledge and experience working at a couple of luxury spas. From 2002-2013 she had a very successful run when she owned and operated a Traveling Spa. With the help of 17 employees, they would relax and rejuvenate women inside the comfort of their own home. 

Her approach to body work is rather unique, integrating Swedish Massage, Gentle Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy, Acupressure, and Reiki, as well as weaving in her knowledge of Aromatherapy. Amanda believes in creating the ideal environment for your body to unwind. Through, compassionate and carful listening, she will address both physical and energetic issues, guiding your body toward the ultimate balance and healing.

OR CONTACT AMANDA AT: 586-612-7900


Wellness practitioners that periodically offer their knowledge, skills and services at the Collective. Get to know these talented therapists.



Shamanic & Holistic Healer

Felicia is a Shamanic and Holistic Healer, specializing as a Shaman, Akashic Record Reader – one who sees into the Soul’s Record, and Medium. As a channel for the divine, Felicia reveals insights about one’s pure potential and helps clients realize their true soul path in this lifetime. As a Medium, Felicia connects with spirits, including guides, loved ones, and angels, to aid in her clients’ personal development and growth. Her messages help bring meaning and completion for all concerned.

As an alchemist, Felicia has created Enchanted Apothecary, an organic and energy-infused skincare line to enliven and heal, the mind, body and spirit. Felicia works deeply with plant medicine and fully recognizes the healing gifts that nature has to offer us.

Felicia’s talents as a Shaman allow for deep transformative work. She works deeply with Soul Retrieval, which combines repairing and integrating lost soul parts to be able to live a fuller existence now. Whether working in the present, the future or delving into past lives, she assists in surrounding the soul with love and light.