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  • AUTUMN MOON HOLISTIC WELLNESS COLLECTIVE 46 West Shadbolt Street Lake Orion, MI, 48362 United States (map)

What is the Sacred Flame?
When working with the element of fire, the flame represents, you! It is the clarity of sight and person who is journeying to the next part of there learning in this life. The potency of the flame is dictated by elements around what is fed to the fire and how it is held and created. Fire is the element of hunger and change, it is the essence of transformation! Within a person, their fire is where the will, passion, and ultimate strength live.

The fire has been with mankind since the beginning. It has lit our way, to chase back the shadow, of both the inner self and the physical world. Fire is an element of cleansing and purification, it is the sacred transformation, the ability to change from the old path to the new. If you are interested in finding your connection lit by a sacred flame, then this class may before you.

In this class, we will work with creating a candle for energetic workings of the highest kind. The Sacred Flame Teaching will be shared at this event, to answer the question why is fire? We know what fire is, but why is it here? How does it relate to the ever-expanding person we are? How can it guide or clear my spirit?

This class may be for you if:

• You wish to learn how to make your own beeswax candles
• Gain knowledge of the Sacred Flame and how it can change you
• Understand how fire can purify and cleanse
• You wish to open yourself up to finding your potential in the sacred flame
• Have an interest in learning the principles of Capnomancy (Candle smoke reading)
• How to use candle flames in your meditation